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E-book - Marketing Automation - Don't just automate, go personal!

Marketing automation is a powerful and efficient tool to manage your content. The software helps you to automate the content distribution and it offers you the possibility to do this very targeted. Using marketing automation software you can nurture the prospects in your database with the content they really need during their customer journey.

After reading this ebook you will understand:

+ What is marketing automation?

+ Why marketing automation (and why not?)

+ Research stats that support a case for marketing automation

+ How to implement marketing automation?

+ Which marketing automation software suits you?

+ Do’s and don’ts

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Whitepaper - Driving Business Growth through Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing performs targeted marketing campaigns on pre-selected accounts, usually large accounts. You search and determine which accounts you want to target to convert in a lead. Then design your very specific, targeted marketing campaigns to the needs of the accounts.

Remember: don’t count the people you reach, reach the people who count.

After reading this whitepaper you will understand:

+ What Account Based marketing is

+ The goal of Account Based marketing

+ Pros and cons of ABM

+ 6 step approach to set up your ABM

+ Tools you can use

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White paper - 33 Marketing automation terms explained

Marketing automation is a powerful and efficient tool to manage your content. The software automates content distribution in a highly-targeted way, allowing you to serve content to the prospects in your database at each stage of their customer journey.

Marketing automation terminology can be difficult to understand if you’re not used to it. We will show you the way!

After reading this whitepaper you will understand:

  • Most used terminology
  • How to use them
  • Basic idea of marketing automation
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White paper - Lead nurturing - Customer engagement is no longer a secret

Lead nurturing is providing the right information to the right person at the right time, in order to build relationships with your leads.
You’ll guide them through the sales funnel up to the moment that they are ready to move to the sales department.
Using lead nurturing you can speed up the buying process of your prospects.

After reading this whitepaper you will understand:

+ What is lead nurturing?

+ Why use lead nurturing? (and why not?)

The basics of creating a nurturing campaign

+ Best practices

Tools to implement lead nurturing

+ Do’s and don’ts

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